Company Overview

A fast growing Creative Agency that offers a comprehensive programme and expertise on ICT related services, Corporate Branding & Digital Marketing. We believe that the experience you have with us will determine whether you will reward us with your loyalty.

Your Business Advantage

We pride ourselves on offering unrivalled levels of both expertise and service. We provide a varied range of solutions for all sizes of company, from the one-user office to the large global enterprise, across all sectors.
Corporate Branding

We design carefully crafted graphics and illustrations tailored to suit your business' vision and strong enough to attract, engage and bond with your target market.

Web Design & Development

We create user friendly, search engine optimized and mobile responsive web architectures with focus on style, elegance, creativity, cleanliness and effectiveness.

ICT Solutions

We offer a comprehensive programme and expertise on ICT related services, from design & development to quality control to account management and fast, reliable turnaround.

Digital Marketing

Whether you are a government entity, home-user, corporate business, we excel at projecting brands and getting them seen and heard, thus producing positive results.

What Makes Us Tick

Hello, thank you for taking the time to visit. We specialize in simple, effective, user-centric ICT, design and marketing solutions. With these blueprints in mind, we work with your visions and goals to elevate your business. Fill your sense with highlights of our work, read the juicy and saucy bits about us, and find out why you should hire us.

Abimbola Johnson Ayimoro Principal Director

Our Passion

We are passionate about the technology's potential to solve, satisfy and surprise. We love life and want to share our zest for life with the world.

Team Play

We are loyal, respectful and kind to all - not only within our organization and with our customers, but in all we do throughout the world.

Our Values

Our proven ability to deliver reliable, high quality products and services makes us an important asset to our customers, communities and shareholders alike.

Our Vision

Our enthusiasm for technological achievement enables us to imagine far-reaching possibilities and bring them to fruition – raising the bar for excellence.

"There is no talent here. We are not talented. We work hard. We are obsessed and we love what we do. We are Brainy Codes."

Brainy Codes Team